How to Get Maximum Enjoyment from Reading Novels

You can do several things to get maximum enjoyment from reading novels. This is against a background where reading of novels can either be a chore to be endured, or a major source of pleasure (which in fact has to be moderated).

To get maximum enjoyment from reading novels, you need to ensure that the novels you read are those that are centered on subjects that really interest you. But you shouldn’t also shy away from developing new interests. The new interests you develop can be derivatives of your old interests. If, for instance, you love cold war espionage novels, you may find it easy to develop an interest in detective novels. Similarly, if you love law enforcement novels, you may find yourself paradoxically getting interested in novels that revolve around politics.

To get maximum enjoyment from reading novels, you need to visualize the scenes described in the novels. This can, admittedly, be easier when the scenes described as scenes you are familiar with. But if the scenes described are, say, scenes in correctional facilities and you have never been to one such facility (thank God), then it can be hard to fully visualize what is described. The saving grace here is in the fact that most novelists are so good at describing scenes and laying out plots that they can help you visualize even things that you don’t have real life experiences of.

At another level, to get maximum enjoyment from reading novels, you need to make an effort to read fast. The idea is to cover considerable ground every day and this is admittedly easier when the novels you are reading are filled with suspense and when the novels you are reading are truly interesting. But you have to appreciate that the structure of some novels is such that the earlier chapters tend not to be very interesting, but then they become more interesting as the plot unfolds.

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